Grainey Honey & Almond multigrain bar

Grainey Honey & Almond Multigrain Bar
Muay Thai/MMA Energy Bar Supplement

Grainey claim 'Love at first bite'. But is an energy bar fit to spar?

Nutrition Facts: Grainey Honey & Almond Multigrain Bar

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 20g

Servings per container: 1

Amount Per Serving

Calories 80

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0g
Saturated Fat 0g
Sodium 0mg
Total Carbohydrate 18g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Total Sugars 4g
Protein 1g

*The % Daily Value tells you how much a nutrient in a food contributes to a daily diet, based on FDA recommendations. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

Protein RDA is based on an 80kg athlete consuming 1.6g of protein per kg of body mass.

Grainey Honey & Almond Multigrain Bar

What are Grainey Multi Grain Bars?

Made from oats, brown jasmine rice, crushed almonds, honey, and brown sugar, Grainey’s Mini Multigrain Bars are a satiating snack that could help fuel your Muay Thai or MMA training, stave off hunger or reward yourself for a good workout.

Grainey Bars are intended to be a healthier alternative to other snack-type treats which you’re likely to encounter in your neighborhood convenience store. The multigrain bars allow you to avoid saturated fats and huge amounts of sugars, by instead consuming grains as an energy food source. Cut out the unhealthy fats plus fuel with a lower glycemic index food to avoid the sugar spike and insulin response.

Who produces Grainey Energy Bars?

Grainey Mini Multigrain Bars are manufactured by a Thai-based company called Flugel Co. Ltd.

Formed as a ‘healthy snack’ company back in 2015, the story behind the brand is that the founder (presumably Thai) was living overseas in the USA and managed to become somewhat overweight, tipping the scales at 130kg.

By switching to a healthier diet they were able to shed a whopping 65kg, (read they dropped 50% of their body weight) which is an impressive feat.
Avoiding high-calorie, low-nutritional value snacks was a key cornerstone in achieving this body transformation. Flugel’s founder discovered that eating popped rice as a snack gave a non-fried, lower-calorie option to gobble when they felt the urge, helping them stick to their dietary objectives. Hence the concept for the Grainey Multigrain bar was born.

Flugel now operates from their head office in Samut Prakarn, Bangkok Thailand, and has collected numerous awards relating to SME startups and innovation. They produce a range of multigrain bars, rice cake snacks, and flavored popped rice.

Multigrain energy bar for Muay Thai

Where to Buy Grainey Energy Bars?

Grainey Bars are produced in Thailand, and are available throughout the country. Plus Grainey Bars are exported to a number of Asian neighbors (including Taiwan, China, Singapore, UAE, Malaysia, Vietnam) and the USA.

Grainey Bars are available from convenience stores such as 7-Eleven, Family Mart, Jiffy, SPAR, Eureka, Tesco (or is it now Lotus’s?), Big Box and Hao Mart depending which country you are in.

This is great news! Next time you find yourself in 7-Eleven suffering an attack of the munchies, rather than reaching for a chocolate bar consider this healthier mix of nuts and grains.

Ingredients | Grainey Honey & Almond Flavor Energy Bar

Packaging on the Grainey Honey & Almond Flavor Multi Grain Bar which we tested declared the ingredients as:

This information does slightly contradict the ingredients list given on the Grainey website (, which shows differing amounts of brown jasmine rice, honey and almond crush. Presumably their recipe has been refined and one of the labels is now outdated (hopefully the website).

How do Grainey Honey & Almond Multigrain Bars Taste?

So now to the good bit 🙂

First impression is good.

The bar is modest in size with a dense texture.

On biting into the bar you are met with the ‘Grainey’ crumble you’d expect from something made out of oats and brown rice. The bar is neither dry nor moist, lingering somewhere in the middle.

The flavor of the Honey & Almond bar is initially quite sweet (at least to my palate) with an aftertaste of honey. Oats are a more dominant flavor than almond which I suppose is to be expected given than oats constitute 60% of the bar.

Overall the Grainey Bar tastes pretty good and I’d happily eat another.

If honey/almonds isn’t your thing, or you feel like going crazy and mixing things up a bit, the bars do also come in Strawberry & Yoghurt or Chocolate & Banana flavor. Plus there’s a ‘Soft & Chewy’ variant of the bars which we are yet to try.

Grainey honey & almond flavor bar ingredients

When to eat a Grainey Multigrain Energy Bars for Muay Thai/MMA?

If you are using a Grainey Bar to help fuel a Muay Thai or MMA training session you should eat the bar maybe 30 minutes before your workout. But keep in mind, this 20g bar contains 80kcal of calories, which isn’t a colossal quantity of energy. This may or may not be a good thing, depending on your objectives.

As intended by the founder, Grainey Bars are well suited to being a healthier snack food option (when compared against stuff like chocolate bars or potato chips). Usually lower in calories, lower glycemic index plus avoiding any saturated fats which could be introduced during a frying process.

Pros and Cons of Grainey Honey & Almond Multi Grain Bars



Verdict: Grainey Honey & Almond Flavour Multi Grain Bars for Muay Thai or MMA

Ok. Grainey Bars are inexpensive and in Thailand you can find them in 7-Eleven.

You can probably read a lot into that.

They are a healthier alternative to other snack foods you will find in the convenience store aisles.
Grainey Bars can deliver a steady supply of energy without a monster sugar spike, and are quick, easy and tasty to eat. They can be a good snack option to eliminate a hunger craving.

At this low price-point, there’s definitely place in the market for Grainey Bars.

Are Grainey Multigrain Bars the ultimate energy bar for fueling a Muay Thai or MMA training session? No.
They are quick and easy. Like many things in life, Grainey Bars’ strengths also become their weaknesses. If you are prepared to pay a premium, and/or search a bit further afield for sure you can find more nutritious pre-workout options which feed your body additional macro and micro nutrients beyond calories alone.

But Grainey Bars do have value, as a source of energy and a tasty snack.

Multigrain energy bar for Muay Thai or MMA

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