Bodykey by Nutrilite as a meal replacement for MMA training

Bodykey by Nutrilite
Muay Thai/MMA Meal Replacement Supplement

A great option to control your weight in a healthy way (if you are not too picky about the taste of your meals or the simple pleasure of eating).

Nutrition Facts: Bodykey by Nutrilite

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 29g Sachet

Servings per container: 14 sachets per box

Amount Per Serving

Calories 118

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 4.5g
Saturated Fat 0g
Sodium 100mg
Total Carbohydrate 16g
Dietary Fiber 6g
Total Sugars 10g
Protein 6.3g
Vitamin A 363mcg
Thiamine B1 0.35mg
Riboflavin B2 0.35mg
Vitamin B6 0.8mg
Calcium 85mcg
Iron 8mg

*The % Daily Value tells you how much a nutrient in a food contributes to a daily diet, based on FDA recommendations. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

Protein RDA is based on an 80kg athlete consuming 1.6g of protein per kg of body mass.

Bodykey by Nutrilite

Meal replacements have been a huge fad for the last decade. The increasingly fast pace of life and increasingly busy schedules have caused consumers to look for alternatives to maintain a healthy diet without having to worry about cooking.

Everyone knows that the best way to control your macros is to prepare your own meals, and that when you eat out, no matter how much you dive into the menu in search of the healthiest options, you are never 100% in control of your diet.

The problem is that many of us don’t have the time, talent or just the desire to cook every day. I, for example, work as a Muay Thai and Boxing trainer at a gym in Thailand. I love to cook. I love to eat. And I like to more-or-less look after what I fuel myself with. But prepping 3 meals a day is not convenient for me. So, I am more than happy to switch out one of my meals for a healthy meal replacement from time-to-time. That said, I am also just as happy to have a cheat day and stuff myself with pizza, fries and some spicy Namtok Mu (Thai “waterfall pork”).

Let’s face it, I think I speak for many of us when I say that all weekly meal prep is based solely on how to articulate my week so that I can afford a day where I can eat whatever I want without feeling guilty and crying myself to sleep covered in ketchup and grease.

When healthy people decide to plan our meals for the week, we tend to spend more time researching what the perfect macro percentage is based on our phenotype, which vitamins and minerals are most necessary for optimal performance and how to add them to our diet naturally, whether we should eat before or after our workout, and especially when we can squeeze a slice of greasy pizza in without all our hard work going to hell.

So what if BodyKey, this new Nutrilite product, can help us maintain a healthy diet in these times when our schedules have less and less time to spend cooking our meals? Wouldn’t it be brilliant if we could just stir this powder into a glass of soy/almond/coconut/cow milk and get on with our training days in the gym?

Experimenting with meal replacements to improve Muay Thai

First things first, let’s take a look at the nutritional values and see if the obvious convenience of BodyKey is accompanied by a nutritious and healthy sustenance.

Nutritional information

Each one of these sachets promises to be a whole meal replacement at only 225 kcal. That sounds too good to be true. And if we take a closer look at its nutritional values, we can easily find out that it is indeed way far from being a complete and healthy replacement.
If we only look at dietary reference intakes based on the average person, a sachet of BodyKey provides around 10.5% of your daily protein intake, less than 8% of your total fats, with less of 4% of them being saturated and roughly less than 10% of your daily carbs. This is when mixing with skim milk. Of course, some of these totals will increase various other mixes.

Let me be very clear on this point: as much as these products are marketed as a substitute for a full meal, neither the calorie values nor the macros it contains are sufficient to maintain a balanced diet.

Sometimes we read claims from people who claim that you can lose 20 pounds of fat in just one month by just drinking a couple of shakes a day. Although we do not doubt that this is an effective method to lose weight, we will always recommend putting healthier alternatives first.
A balanced diet accompanied by a proper exercise regimen is always the best way to lose weight without suffering terrible side effects derived from the lack of nutrients with which we punish our body in this type of diet. Also, from a sustainability perspective, these crash diets cannot be adhered to for an extended length of time. As a personal trainer, I know the tendency of most people who starve themselves is to gorge themselves later. The net effect being to completely screw up the body’s normal metabolism and often increasing caloric intake.

The basics of weight loss are simple – you need to burn more calories than you eat. Simple as that. More out than in. You will lose weight if you limit your caloric intake, but going so far as to make your diet consisting of too many meal replacements will end up not only making your life more miserable, but it can lead to serious health problems.

And even at the risk of sounding like a broken record, we will never tire of recommending that you follow the advice of a nutritionist or endocrine expert before making radical changes to your diet.

Trying meal replacements to fuel MMA

Pros and Cons



Claims and Potential Benefits

On the BodyKey website we find that this products’ highlights include providing energy and nutrients and being able to cleanse the digestive system.

This is a more rational approach to these types of products, seeing them not as meal replacements but as a valuable tool to reach your daily nutritional needs.
It is also a great way to add up to 23 different micronutrient vitamins and minerals to your diet, and we all know how tricky can be to get a full range of micros just through our diet. This is a convenient and easy way to supplement your micros without compromising your weight.

And its high content in dietary fiber will undoubtedly help you with your digestion!

How to use it?

The biggest advantage, in my opinion, of these types of products is how incredibly convenient they are to use. You just have to dissolve a packet in 225 ml of skim milk and stir or shake until completely dissolved.

It dissolves quite well, although we found that if you don’t want to find lumps you will be better off using a protein shaker/ball to mix this into a drink. The recommended amount of milk is just enough to get all the powder dissolved into it.

You can even make the mixture in advance and carry it in your flask to the gym. Just shake vigorously again before consumption and you are good to go.

How does it taste?

Let me get something straight: I am terribly biased when it comes to shakes.

I am a HUGE fan of dairy desserts in general and milkshakes in particular. It hits a nerve on me, reminding me of those summer days back in Europe where all our friends met to get a sugar rush together. For me, milkshakes are meant to be decadent, not healthy.
So I may be not the best judge when it comes to “wellness” milkshakes.

Nevertheless, when I poured the vanilla flavored sachet on my cup of milk, I was immediately struck by the delicious aroma that came out of it. It was an incredibly powerful vanilla smell.
When it comes to taste, not everything is so perfect.

It is not so much the taste but the texture that makes the experience not as pleasant as a normal shake. Maybe it’s user error and I should have mixed my powders more, but couldn’t help but get a gritty mouthfeel. Although the first contact is silky and unctuous, it is not a pleasant experience and I had to constantly remind myself that this was not supposed to be decadent but healthy. I was unfairly disappointed by the lack of sweetness in this drink. But that is how it is advertised. And it certainly doesn’t have any ‘empty calories’.

The flavor is similar to any other vanilla shake that you can find in your supermarket refrigerated shelves. It was the texture that threw me off.

But again, it smells delicious, and we all know that aroma makes for a huge amount of the tasting mechanism.

When to use it?

As with any other protein shakes or workout shakes, this can be taken either pre- or post-workout. This is up to you. I am unable to take in much of anything before a tough Muay Thai or Boxing session. But I know others who MUST get a calorie boost before training.

Its high content of carbs provides a quick energy fix that can fuel your body during your training, so it can be added to your pre-workout meal. Remember, you should time your pre workout meal 2 to 4 hours before hitting the gym to avoid feeling bloated.

We all know the importance of nourishing our body in the immediate post-exercise window. A correct diet is essential to allowing our muscles not only to regenerate but to grow and we will also avoid injuries.

If you bring BodyKey to the gym you will most definitely have a nice way to take advantage of that window where all the nutrients are best utilized by your muscles.

Recommended Serving

This company claims that you can use this product once or twice a day without any issues, and reading the nutritional sheet we can be certain that that is true.
This product is mainly made from natural ingredients, and the lack of artificial colors, preservatives or sweeteners makes it into a quite healthy option.

We will once again advise you to ask your nutrition expert before any changes in your diet.

Potential Dietary Issues

In light of the ingredient list, this product is suited for vegetarians, but not for vegans though, since it has dried milk.

There are a few allergens as soy or oats, so if you have any kind of grass allergy you may have to consult your doctor before trying this product.

Our Verdict: Bodykey as a Meal Replacement for MMA/Muay Thai

I remember when Soylent was launched on the market in 2013 and caused a commotion in all traditional and social media.

The founder of the company claimed that he had been eating nothing but Soylent for months and that he never felt better, and it looked like the future of meal preps was here to stay.

Why would you care about cooking if you can have all your macros in a convenient powder that you could carry around and use at your will?

Well, turns out it was not all roses.

First of all, there’s a huge social component in eating that most of us are not willing to give up. The pleasure of food is doubled when shared, and I can’t see myself sharing a meal replacement shake with my friends.

Secondly, eating is supposed to be not only healthy, but pleasurable, and there’s not a great deal of pleasure in these tiny sachets.

So right now, these meal replacements should be marketed not so much as the core of a healthy diet, but as an eventual supplement to an increasingly hectic lifestyle. And it is here where this can find a place inside your meal planning. Not as a pivotal element, but as a quick fix to reach your daily values of macros and micros and to help you in your weight loss journey since it is a really healthy way to make you feel satiated.

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Reviewed by Carlos

Former fighter and current personal trainer at a gym in South-East Asia. Carlos is a Boxing coach and Muay Thai trainer with numerous fights under his belt.