Trying a protein supplement to recover from MMA Muay Thai gym workout

Protein Supplements for MMA & Muay Thai

Protein is an essential dietary macronutrient, needed to grow and maintain all bodily tissues. As one of the key building blocks for muscle formation, many athletes plan their protein intake to promote muscle gain. Protein supplements are popular to augment daily intake to meet the optimal level of 1.6g of quality protein per kg of body mass.

But building muscle isn’t the only use for protein supplements.

Perhaps counterintuitive, but protein supplements can be used for weight loss too. Consuming more protein can boost your metabolic rate whilst reducing appetite, helping you achieve weight loss targets and convert your body composition towards lean muscle mass.

Post-workout protein shakes are also a popular recovery aid, improving performance and muscle protein synthesis.

These benefits make protein supplements a popular choice amongst both MMA & Muay Thai enthusiasts and pros.

Much of your protein needs should be satisfied via a normal healthy diet. A protein supplement is used to top up your protein levels – especially useful for demographics with higher protein requirements such as athletes, elderly individuals, or people who follow diets that don’t provide sufficient amounts of protein.

Protein supplements are created from a wide range of foods to comply with different dietary and lifestyle choices. Popular protein supplement sources include protein whey & casein (from milk), egg protein, plant-based protein (such as pea), or even insects. Plus protein supplements are available with additional ingredients to promote sports performance (such as L-Carnitine or Creatine). looks at a range of popular protein supplement products, giving an independent review of their use for Muay Thai and MMA training and competition.