Using supplements to improve Muay Thai MMA performance, strength, stamina and fitness

Muay Thai & MMA Supplements

Want to improve your fitness & martial arts performance?
Can Muay Thai/MMA supplements help?

If you are:

… there’s a huge range of Muay Thai & MMA supplements on the market.

But do they really work? If so, which supplements are best to help you reach your training and fitness goals?

At our team of seasoned competitors and gym trainers attempt to cut through the marketing hype and jargon to provide honest, independent reviews of popular Muay Thai and MMA supplements.

REMEMBER GANG: Whilst supplements can help improve your Muay Thai/MMA, this isn't magic. Most important is to put in the training hours to develop great technique, strength, stamina & ring-readiness with a knowledgeable MMA coach or training partners.

Which supplement types are best for MMA or Muay Thai?

The spectrum of supplements marketed at MMA athletes is staggering

Products range from no-brainers to help ensure you consume a balanced diet, through to weird, wonderful & often hilarious claims.

At Fight-Fuel we avoid the trash and only cover supplement groups which are of proven benefit.

This includes dietary supplements (including vitamins and minerals, omega 3/fish oils, and meal replacements), protein powders, bars, drinks, (and even protein supplements derived from insects). Plus we investigate MMA performance-enhancing supplements (such as beta-alanine, caffeine, and creatine).

Fight-Fuel also features energy bars, gels, and sports drinks to fuel your Muay Thai or MMA training sessions, plus give a rundown of Muay Thai specific products (such as ‘Namman Muay’ and Tiger Balms).